TrendNet wireless adapter TEW-423PI is terrible. Drops connection every 5 minutes. Using with Windows XP and Dell Inspiron 530.

Company's website has bad driver and utility downloads and instructions are incorrect. Email to their company support (provided in their Read Me file) bounced (March 2010).

Stay away from TrendNet, unless you are a computer tech or shop that wants to make lots of money by charging your customers to fix problems :)

I can't believe this site really requires me to enter at least 100 words - so much for getting to the point. Well here are 100 words.

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Me too I am a software engineer and they asked me to pay for their helpless support !

I am in Europe, and we can't return their **** sh*** product and be reimbursed.

Don't buy trendnet cameras, is an insult towards customer intelligence.

Is a scam.

I paid the equivalent of 220 usd for a piece of plastic who is not working at all.

TrendScam, that's what I call it

Orlando, Florida, United States #705555

I noticed that mulch was quick to say you were full of ****. Must be one of the looser's that work for the TRENDnet call center, I would say Help Desk, but that would be an insult to real Help Desk's everywhere.

So for mulch Mighty Mouth's edification, I am a Network Engineer, I have well over 30 years in the industry as well as a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I have no doubt that everything you have said is correct. I know for a fact that the TRENDnet Website is a joke,the code for it must have been written by a ten year old. The FTP site is useless, if you can even get it to work, you can be assured that the drivers you receive are as useless as the ones that come with TRENDnets Chinese rubbish hardware.

I made the mistake of purchasing one of their USB Wireless Adapters, which they assure will work with Windows 7 64 bit OS. What a joke! The adapter never worked. The software that came with it is such garbage that the "Wireless Utility" will not even load.

If you can get a response from TRENnet's Helpless Desk, they will tell you to try Windows native drivers, seems they know that the provided drivers are ***, and the classic "try it in another computer" after all just because you bought their plastic paper weight to use in a specific system, you should try it in one that you have no need for the adapter. Bottom line is that TRENDnet is a *** poor company, and anyone that does business with them more than once is an ***.

With any luck, these clowns will go bankrupt soon.


Have you had a look at the config for the card? Do you even have any idea about what it is you are doing?

Why do people buy computers other than to look at p0rn? What a load of ***.

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